I take my security pretty seriously. I used to not care because I thought I was invincible, but then it happened. My laptop got a virus. I don’t know how or when, but it started moving slower, it was harder to pull things up, and then one day it wouldn’t turn on. And it was fairly new. It shouldn’t have happened like that. I had virus protection on it and everything. From that point on, I started using Apple products because I knew they had an added “wall” if you will, against viruses and it was harder for them to get a virus. 

In the article 10 Tips to Avoid Leading Tracks Around the Internet from NY Times, Aaron Soice explains “I don’t like Apple’s phones, their operating systems, or their looks,” wrote Aaron Soice, “but the one thing Apple gets right is valuing your data security. Purely in terms of data, Apple serves you; Google serves you to the sharks.” I like that Apple doesn’t track what I do, I still use extra precautions when I am on my computer like Private browsing just to protect myself. It also stated not to use public WiFi, which I don’t tend to use unless I am absolutely desperate, because that is common knowledge that public WiFi is unsafe, it’s also nice to take a break from the internet and look at the world around you. Another thing I learned from the article is that I will never sign in with Google again. Even though it’s easy at the time, they sell your information and track you through it. 

Apple also has another added security feature for both the phone and computer that I like and don’t like called “Passcode”. It keeps track of your username and passwords for you and with the touch of your fingerprint for facial recognition, you can unlock it and login to any website. I do like it because it’s easy, but if your phone is ever stolen, then someone could easily jailbreak your phone and have access to your data, not a fan. 

A couple of years ago my card was hacked. It was scary, yes, but I was more annoyed than anything because I go through the motions of getting a new card and getting money to pay bills and other things until I got the new card. After that happened, I signed up for Protect My ID through Experian and AAA (it’s free though AAA if you are a member) and it gives me updates on my credit, any fraudulent activity and even monitors the dark web! That is a whole other place that scares me!

There is a lot that we can do to protect ourselves on the internet, we just have to know where to look and what to do. Taking the easy route is, well, easy, but not always safest route and more people should be aware of that. That is how our data is hacked. So save yourself the headache, read up, and protect yourself!