Week Eight

Digital Security

Before my current position I worked in Information Tech.  I have worked for the Geek Squad, a property management company, and at the Help Desk for the college where I still work.  Because of this, I have seen a lot of fallout from poor digital security.  From the man who was downloading videos of questionable content from an even more questionable source and brought his virus riddled laptop to the Geek Squad for repair to a department head who recently gave his credentials to a phishing e-mail at the school- I have seen again and again the consequences of being lax.

For this reason, I wasn’t sure that I would get anything from this module.  I know all there is to know about digital security, right?  And I had to roll my eyes when I got a notification from our HR department saying we had to complete a mandatory training on internet security as well (a result of the aforementioned department head compromising his credentials.)  Still, it was a great refresher for the importance of keeping everything secure.