Week Eight

Why do I need different passwords?

I am that person. The person that cyber security folks warn you about…I have similar passwords for many websites becasue I am lazy and I can remember them. While I know better, partially becasue of this class but mostly becasue my husband has been nagging me for the better part of ten years, I still have not corrected the problem.

So many options but isn’t one good one the best???


I loved this article that for a moment made me feel slightly better about my password problem. However this week’s content and my husband’s nagging were still on my mind. This info is pretty much negated by the following fact: most of my passwords are now remembered on my devices and are inserted with face id, so I really have no excuse.

But Really Why?

Sure he looks cool, but don’t be the folks with the ads for RayBans for $19.99 on their social media do not.

If for no other reason, I do not want to be that person who is hacked and has one of those embarrassing ads posted on their social media page. Or have an email blast to their entire contact list asking for help to get home from another country becasue my wallet was taken, I have seen both and been a little embarrassed for the impacted party. I also know that these hacks will evolve and will only get worse.

What I will reasonable do

I already feel like I’m a like I have a good start. I update my devices and software pretty religiously. Well, after my husband tells me and then reminds me or after he does the updates himself, they are done.

In only 3 days we move across the country.

We are also only a mere 72 hours away from a large moving van showing up at the house ready to move us from New Jersey to Texas. This is important to this conversation becasue it requires that I do a lot of online housekeeping that I try to avoid. I will have to log into everything to change addresses and update payment addresses.  So this is the perfect time to diversify my passwords. I believe that this class has shown me that it is important and a simple step that I can no longer ignore.

The future.

While my current security needs based on my personal and professional life are pretty basic, this certainly may change in the future as I look to change my career after graduation. I know I am not alone in poor password choices based on this article. I do not want to be one of the many who put my company at risk so I I believe I can also reasonable commit to better security practices in the future.