Week Eight

Staying Safe Online :)

Wow, to think how far I’ve come in a mere eight weeks is crazy. Despite taking all sorts of business classes, this one might be the one I’ve learned the absolute most helpful and reliable information from. Before, I was aware of simple techniques used in order to help secure my internet use and information. Now, I am largely aware of several different unique and helpful tools, sites, and browsers I should use in order to protect myself.

Before MCO425, my idea of keeping myself safe from the internet included making my social media accounts private and regularly changing my password to ensure security. I know, weak. As I learned from this class there are many different ways that people can access and use my information; everything from hackers to fraudulent transactions happen all the time over the internet. Currently, I am using an ad blocker brought to me by Google. I added the extension to my Chrome browser and now I can say that everything I look at, is going much smoother. It’s safe, simple, and easy to use. Now when I’m scrolling through social media, there are no more annoying ads popping up. I can also avoid the ridiculous amount of advertisements that pop up while I’m watching YouTube videos. After reading last week’s conversation, I also added the extension Duck Duck Go to my chrome browser as well. Not only is it blocking trackers and ensuring connections, it gives me peace of mind over my searching.

Learning in depth about internet law and media has also got me double checking what I post and how I go about it. I don’t believe I have broken any internet laws, but it’s so much easier than I thought to break them; such as lying about your age on Facebook or opening your personal email at work. That’s crazy! As I scroll through the wide vast internet, I’m also now very keen on reading articles that practice good journalism and avoid fake news. I’m actually very interested in looking into article authors now, no matter what I’m reading. It’s very interesting to gain their insights based on their profession. From this, I also was able to help my grandma not send me fake articles. And may I say I have only received 1 fake article within the past week or so. With little research you can easily find biased news and understand a better point of view regarding others.

Overall, I really have changed the way I browse through the internet. I am more cautious when I look and scroll, yet I am also more brave when looking into different topics, varieties, and authors. My approaches have changed all for the better. As the world becomes more technologically advanced it’s important to understand and appreciate what we’ve been given. Always be aware and help others when you see their practicing unsafe internet measures, you never know the difference you can make!