Week Six

But does it work?

My recent “grandmother problem” post had some techniques to create a safe space to address the misinformation spread on social media. I elected to use it on my Uncle Keith. While not yet over 65 he is in his late 50s. He is also a former reporter for his local newspaper in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  When he shares questionable content I am always surprised and disappointed because I expect more.  He is a smart die hard liberal so I figure my chances are way better  when compared with the conservative folks I know who spread misinformation.

So how did it go?

While he was kind and able to speak to his posts, he was not overly persuaded. He felt the content was not questionable. In his words, ” Trump lies every minute of every day so if I share a few that are against him that fells fair.”

I believe that he took note of what we talked about. Only time will tell if he is truly past a point of no return or if he will be more thoughtful in his posts.