Week Five

Module 5: Curation

The underlying annotated list will demonstrate a few examples of how media reports and/or publishes information regarding healthcare policy in the 2020 democratic primary election. All the democratic candidates have released or alluded to policy positions surrounding how they will implement healthcare reform or convictions about how they will reinforce existing policy opinions. It is and will continue to be a mixed bag of truth and accuracy in how the public will receive this information.

Bernie Sanders on health care: Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s talking about

This YouTube video displays a CNN interview and debate with Bernie Sanders about his disagreement with Joe Biden over proposed Medicare-for-all costs and implementation. Sanders’ defining policy is attacked by his constituent.

Democratic presidential candidate Buttigieg unveils health plan

Reuters article examining candidate Pete Buttigieg’s medicare proposal and how it differs from other popular proposals. This is the most recent, and final assertion of any leading candidate’s proposals, effectively putting the politician within a political box.

Buttigieg jabs at Warren for her ‘evasive’ answer on middle-class taxes under Medicare for All

USA Today article explaining the disagreement between candidates Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren in the recent 3rd Democratic Debate. The candidates fight over costs underlying Warren’s healthcare policy including accusations of alleged dishonesty.

Biden ATTACKS Warren: Her Supporters Respond

Independent news source The Young Turks examines the opinions of likely voters. Further, the station’s Rebel HQ street team seeks public opinion over Biden and Warren’s conflicting healthcare policy and the strained relationship between the candidates.

Democratic Debate Exposes Deep Divides Among Candidates Over Health Care

NPR news article investigating the aftermath and fallout of candidate’s opinions surrounding healthcare policies. The article examines public opinion by supplying polling data and showcasing quotes from the 3rd Democratic Debate.