Week Five


Knives Out movie poster – IMDB

Forbes Knives Out Tops $300M: This Year’s Most Promising Original Movies
Forbes is known to be a credible source.  Their article discussing Knives Out‘s current success rate has many different angles all proving the same thing – that Knives Out is one of 2020’s most promising original movies. Using monetary facts from Knives Out‘s box office ratings, comparing and contrasting the movie agains other current headliners such as Frozen 2, and discussing Lionsgate’s marketing tactics leaves this movie review to be considered credible and well-rounded.

New York Times – The Hunt a Satire with Elites Killing ‘Deplorables,’ is Revived
The New York Times is also known to be a credible source. This article discusses a movie that has yet to be released, The Hunt, and why it was put on hold last year. Due to the numerous mass shootings in America during 2019, Universal decided to table the horror flick’s release date because of fear of criticism. It is now set to be released May 19, 2020 using “forthrightness” as their new marketing tactic.


Sonic the Hedgehog movie poster – IMDB

The Washington PostThe Sonic the Hedgehog movie is about loneliness and the limits of doing everything yourself
The Washington Post is also known to be a credible source. Their article about the new comedy, Sonic the Hedgehog, discusses how it is more than bringing a video game to life. The movie’s underlying meanings go deeper than the comedy of the film, but discuss the serious topic of loneliness and what it means to go through life alone as opposed to with a companion. *Warning – this article includes spoilers.*


The New YorkerPromotional Tie-ins for the New Little Women Movie
The New Yorker’s comical take on the promotions for the new Little Women movie brings some lightheartedness into their Daily Humor section. Each comical tie-in modernizes the traditional Little Women characters whilst also promoting the movie.

The Atlantic – Dolittle Is One of the Worst Movies in Years
According to David Sims of The Atlantic, the new Robert Downey Jr. film, Dolittle, did not ring in any praise. From the plot, to the characters, to the script, Sims review puts the remake to shambles, but uses facts along with opinion.

During this week that I spent curating articles about movies, TV, and their reviews, I have found that a lot of statements made are factual and not just opinionated. At the beginning of this class, and throughout my first several blog posts, I have discussed a number of movie reviews that are quite opinionated and sometimes throw in monetary facts about the films. However, this week my horizons expanded through the news sites I used and the types of articles I read.

Oscar Winners 2020 – ABC

Not only did I go out of my way to discover more credible sources other than E! News, which I discussed in my 24-Hour Media Use blog post, but I found much more varied types of articles. Originally, looking back, I did not expect many credible news sources to discuss the entertainment industry very much, but in actuality it is a popular topic among all news outlets. I saw numerous articles written about the Oscars which took place February 9. From predicting nominations and wins, to discussing the results of the awards ceremony, entertainment news is definitely a popular topic for even the most prestigious of news outlets. I had no problem finding articles about movies and TV shows from every source I have used for this blog post and will continue to utilize them in the future.