Week Three

The New World with…. OnlyFans

Something that captured my attention a couple of years ago was the mysterious and magical world of Camming. Some of my guy friends brought up the issues with Twitch, they were cracking down on girls for what they were wearing, and how such girls should move to MyFreeCams. This is a ‘cam’site this means models get on a webcam and stream to the site MyFreeCams where people, typically men, can find them. Don’t get me wrong there is a huge difference between MFC or MyFreeCams and Twitch, that is because MFC is seen as a pornographic website.

There are many issues with this and the site, mostly that they categorized an entire gender and although not all girls cam from Twitch many did because they felt that’s where they had to go, because of this I had to learn more. Although MFC was salvation from Twitch MFC posed their own issues, there were inherently a pornsite, although some of these girls had no desire to undress many get pressured into it. This all being said MFC is a great site that encourages women to be creative and do whatever makes them happy.

The reason a state all of this for background for OnlyFans; OnlyFans is considered like MFC to be a Pornsite/ app. This being said many creators for MFC have chosen to switch over to OnlyFans, Why? How is OnlyFans changing the way porn is?

NYTimes dives into why OnlyFans has changed sex work possibly forever. Although NYTimes in the article covers the backstories of sex workers from different fields, it shares little opinion on it more stating it as a documentary than a sided point of view. He interviews different kinds of models and how they came to use only fans, how much they make, and how it has helped them personally, making this a new item. It seems to be a credible article because of it being from a credible well know source but also the links he puts to all the people he interviewed, although there was no sources for the sums of money he stated.

PinkNews attempts to explain what OnlyFans is. They quickly go into the process of how to sign up after mentioning who might be on there, “…technically it’s a general app and not exclusive to people who work in porn. It’s also used by fitness bloggers, dieticians and more.” it doesn’t cover more than that. It goes on to state how much of a pay cut OnlyFans takes, how often content makers get paid without any proof linking what there saying to the website. The last section of the article is what makes is an opinion based article, where they weight the ethics of having a porn app and whether it’s good for the world. This is a UK based website so it might be more credible over there, but to me, it seemed like a gossip blog that had done minimum research and didn’t bother to credit the resources making it unreliable.

CNBC goes into a broader article taking about OnlyFans, Fancentric, and Snapchat but all information pertains to OnlyFans. They explain how the site works and benefits creators through Dolly, and a girl who just started on OnlyFans, diving deeper the explain how subscriptions make up the app. Next is how this has changed drastically from how they were 10 years ago and have to make a creator’s life drastically easier. Especially because of the money increase in the industry, it has quickly become a Billion dollar industry, as implied by CNBC. The wrap up the article with there concerns for the use of Snapchat and how it is still in the center of the part of the sex industry although it isn’t allowed on the app and is expressly prohibited. This is a new article that is reviewing the reality of these porn apps and what it might be like for a creator and has links to everything imaginable making it a credible source.

Lastly OnlyFans,  this is an article from the OnlyFans blog taking about techniques to launch your OnlyFans correctly, this is a complete opinion based article and they let that be known, “We recommend you place your OnlyFans profile link in the “About” fields of your social media profiles, share posts via Twitter or advertise your OnlyFans page anywhere you have followers.” This is simply an article on recommendations they have for a new user and how their tips could help them. They start by advising you to prepare, explaining that this too requires work, next they establish that you need to know whether your following will use OnlyFans and start bringing them over, and lastly they explain the importance of being flexible especially when it comes to your pricing. These just being tips it’s hard to say whether it’s credible or not, they could be and could not be.