Week Two

Adrianne’s Blogging Assignment Topic – Module 2

Hello Again to Everyone!

For this week, I will be discussing a topic that is near and dear to my heart that I hope people will be able to relate to.  For many years, my husband and I have fought an uphill battle to be involved in the life of his biological son/my stepson.  Unfortunately, this has not been a situation where we or even he has been openly invited to share in his child’s life no matter how much he fights for that right.

Prior to being involved in this situation, I worked in various aspects of the legal field but was never truly aware of the issues that plague child custody or family law issues.  While these topics would be too broad with too many working parts and never-ending logistics, I have chosen to focus on the area and state that I follow for reform.

That being said, I will choose to take a look at how media treats child custody issues in the state of Indiana, more specifically, when it comes to alienated parents.  I know this topic may sound like a bit of a dud to most but I truly think there is a lack of media coverage, leading to what I believe is less reform when it comes to family courts.  For now, my resources have been parent equality pages on social media, articles that are either for or against the movement, and family court laws in Indiana.

My hope is that I can do this topic justice and show how it is treated in the media.

Thank you so much for reading as usual and until next week!