Week One

Module 1: 24-hour Media Use

Thursday, August 22, 2019

I didn’t realize how little I actually use media in my personal life during the work week compared to how much I use media as a student and in my personal time. Lately, because I’m out with close friends outside, I haven’t been to media too much. I think If I did another diary next month I would have had more media interactions.

8:30AM-After my morning routine, I first got on Twitter (on my phone) and check to see if I have any notifications and scroll on my timeline. Twitter is one of the three primary ways I communicate with friends and family. I also checked to see what is trending.

8:25AM-One of the stories trending that caught my eye was one from CNBC about plant-based diets. I’ve been a vegetarian in the past and have considered going back to that diet.

8:55 AM-Personal emails, mostly checking in on packages and any school-related information. Texting close friends and significant other before I walk to work

9:05 AM-work emails using Microsoft Outlook. I tend to get a large number of work emails overnight. takes me about  20-30minuites to respond to all my emails and do the tasks requested if needed.

12:30 PM-Snapchat, this is my second way of communicating with close friends. I check up on their lives by watching their “snapstory” and reply to “snaps” and messages I have during my lunch break.

1:30 PM-Twitter again, I just enjoy scrolling my timeline towards the end of my work break. mostly just to kill time and enjoy memes.

3:11 PM– Nearing halfway during my shift at work. listening to NPR News Hour and Up First on Spotify. I’m very isolated in my office so I can be disconnected from the outside world when working so I like to at least hear about the news. This is a fairly new habit that I started last week because I don’t want to get distracted by finding news links online I can do my work and listen at the same…aka Multitasking 🙂

4:20 PM-Last time checking emails before closing my office.

After work, I went to my friends for a small get together, so I didn’t use my phone.

11:30 PM-Netflix, watching an episode of the Telenovela Siempre Bruja, it’s not all that great in character arcs but the show overall is great.

12:30 PM-End of night text messages to a friend, before heading to bed.