Week One

Aaron’s 24-hour Media Map

A Roadmap to My Daily Media Use

  • (August 24th – 5:30 PM) I began this aforementioned 24-hour block of data usage categorization directly after I arrived home from work at 5:15 pm. I quickly pulled out my cell phone to check my Social Media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. After a quick scan, and as is usual, revealed no time-sensitive, pertinent, or critical posts that were apparent, I turned on my Television and the connected AppleTV. I navigated myself to the NFL app and waited for the 4th Denver Broncos preseason game to begin.  I watched until the end of the game and called it a day.
  • (August 25th – 7:05 AM) I woke up the following morning, before my alarm clock and cell phone had the opportunity to oh-so-rudely awaken me. I checked my e-mail and deleted or surveyed the small amount of mail I had accumulated.
  • (7:10 AM) I neurotically checked my Facebook to quickly scan for any relevant posts that I already knew I would not personally respond to this early in the morning. I left the bed and made coffee for myself and my wife.
  • (8:00 – 9:22 AM) I turned on the Television to immediately watch our favorite local daily news in Portland, Oregon. Fox News is not my ideal choice of news throughout the day but we had grown accustomed to the local version of it over the years.
  • (9:22 AM) I once again checked my phone for any new e-mails that might have arrived in my two personal e-mail accounts and my student e-mail. About this time of day, there are usually a lot of e-mails that I must delete, report as spam, or move to the many mail folders I have previously assigned.
  • (9:23 – 10:31 AM) I turned the television to CNN to view news that I am more accustomed to and comfortable with. Although I am aware of the bias that is undoubtedly underlying through financing mandates, I find CNN to generally be the more reliable cable news source and I will use it to gauge my incoming news for each day.
  • (12:11 PM) At this point, I quickly and manically checked my e-mail, something I honestly do all throughout the day, but it is difficult to accurately reflect this in this blog exercise.
  • (12:15 PM) We left home to complete some errands in the surrounding neighborhood and I used the YouTube Music app on my phone to stream a custom-tailored music playlist to my car stereo via BlueTooth.
  • (3:24 PM) After arriving home I turned on my laptop to pull up the Arizona State University website and use Canvas to access my two classes. I scanned for posts and viewed the course calendar.
  • (3:30 – 5:30 PM) While addressing related schoolwork, I tuned my AppleTV to YouTube and watched a multitude of videos recommended for me. Most, if not all videos, were either MSNBC or The Young Turks. Although MSNBC is largely comfortable to me, I am hesitant to view it as a final source and I often will seek out other resources to confirm or deny the content. Alternatively, The Young Turks is my favorite news source and I will routinely view it as a trusted (although not infallible) news source. I am fully aware that this comfort level is based around my liberal progressive viewpoint and lifestyle, but I try to be objective as creating a news “tunnel” that potentially blinds my viewpoint is not ideal.

Media Credibility: Scale of 1 (least trusted) – 10 (most trusted):

  • (9) The Young Turks
  • (7) MSNBC
  • (7) CNN
  • (5) Fox News – local
  • (3) Facebook