Wikipedia Hands-On

When working on my Wikipedia assignment, I came across the Deer Valley Unified School District page. All of my schooling from K-12 was done through the DVUSD. I have since done a lot of volunteer work and I am personal friends with a few of the principles within this district. I believe that my knowledge makes me qualified to improve upon this page and my personal experience helped guide the process.

Before assigning myself to a topic, I went through all of the Wikipedia training modules. I thought that they helped me generally understand the do’s and do not’s of the website. However, when it came to the simulations that allowed me to practice the information, I got lost. I felt the single pop up descriptions within the simulations were vague and sort of left me confused and on my own after they went away. So, I did what any millennial would do and I started using other schooling pages as a reference for what I could add to mine.

When looking for other articles to help spark some ideas on what I could add to the DVUSD page, I realized that most of Arizona’s school district pages were bare. They either lacked information or had very random information that I didn’t feel belonged. I decided that California, being the big wonderfully populated, democratic, and workers union state that it is, probably had more to offer on their school district sites. With this I was in luck! I found a bunch of amazing pages and got some great ideas.

When deciding what I was going to add to the DVUSD page, I decided that it needed something major, something you saw right when you went to the page to make it look more attended to. I thought to myself, what do most other pages in general have that this one doesn’t? But then it hit me, an information box was just what it needed. Let’s be honest, I am no professional HTML coder (although I have taken one singular coding class) so I went ahead and copied an information box from the Travis Unified School District in California. Of course, I deleted all of the information from the TUSD page and filled in what I could find from the DVUSD website. From what I could see, the page I chose to edit was a ghost town. The last person in the Talk section was from 2010. I went ahead and created my information box in my Sandbox then posted to the Talk page just to be safe. No one ended up responding to my fabulous suggestion; therefore, I went to my article and published the changes with hopes that someone would notice it and lend me some feedback.

No one ended up responding to me in the Talk section but I did have someone slightly correct my URL I posted as a reference on the page and fill in two sections I did not within my information box.

With that being said, I would consider my experience on Wikipedia to have been extremely positive. At first, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make a large enough impact on the page but instead not only did no one object to my ideas but actually they added to them! I do not plan on continuing my civil duty as a Wiki editor but I will never forget my pleasant experience in the vitally important domain.