Wikipedia Assignment

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I very much value Wikipedia. Learning more about the process enhanced my respect for the site and rebuffed some outdated teaching concerning the efficacy of wikipedia for research.

I will also say I am certainly not one who enjoys making wikipedia edits. I like dynamic debates with impassioned rhetoric that ends with a moral, logical and ethical arbitrator to make a human judgement. Wikipedia is none of that, but working within their guidelines is perspective changing.

The article I choose to edit was the BASIS Schools page. I attended BASIS Phoenix through high school and am still involved in the community. That lead me to the corporate entity, BASIS Schools, that incorporates the entirety of the basis education network.

I posted on Basis School’s talk page about updated their revenue from the 2015 numbers to the 2016 numbers, using the same source.

I waited for a response for a couple days before moving forward, not expecting much protest from the Wiki community.

After the weekend, no one had commented on my talk post. I felt it was apt to change it to reflect a more recent standard of revenue.

I also took note of the locations page. Two things struck me as off on this paragraph. A) The total locations was off by one. B) An author previously elected to mention a minimal amount of the actual schools but left out most of them.

Thus, I fixed both of the issues by correcting the number and adding the proper names that are all incorporated under BASIS Schools.

Noticing I was careless, I cleaned up the grammar and syntax and felt pretty proud of myself till I logged on the next day and saw it was changed.

User Jacona has been active Wikipedian on the Basis Schools page since 2014 and has repeatedly criticised the article to be too promotional. I disagree that listing the enterity of the schools is promotional. Including all the school’s specific location gives a holistic look at the prevalence of the schools. Yet, the main point in updating the location list was to update the amount of schools and clean it up aestically, which were still accomplished, so I let it be.

The Wikipedia process reminded me of math flash cards back in grade school. Tentivaly, I’d reach out with an answer, and either I experienced negative feedback for a wrong answer and a cold facade when something sticks. But that compotent of apathetic objectivity gives Wikipedia that credence it needs to be a trusted encyclopedic source.