Weekly Roundup

I have created a list of articles and a video about the latest Disney, Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV and whoever else in the fight to win over streaming users. I think this selection gives readers a very clear idea of what has been happening in the last few weeks, what has changed, and what is expected.

This article sheds some light on the different prices of new and old streaming services and what that could mean for the future once they all launch.

Check out the video in this link to hear more about what Disney+’s rollout will entail.

It seems that each company buys the rights for a show every hour. Read more on Netflix shelling out some money to acquire Seinfeld.

Disney finally released it’s full lineup for launch day. This will definitely change some things for Netflix and the others trying to gain traction.

Disney plans to revert to former style of weekly new episodes versus the whole series drop such as Netflix series. Will this hinder Disney fans who like to binge watch streaming?