Vegan content curation

At the start of my blog, I set out with a goal to provide my audience with a balanced view on vegan diets and the claims made for and against the diet.  The following content curation touches on the major reasons commonly discussed in pro and anti vegan conversations.  The outlined reasons for and against a vegan diet are sustainability, human health, and animal treatment.

Pro vegan diet

Climate Change, Cowspiracy the Sustainability Secret  

This infographic provides a visual of how a vegan diet could decrease a person’s impact on the environment and be a more sustainable option.

Demystifying Vegan Nutrition, International Vegan Association

It is common for people to advocate for supplements when on a vegan diet, but this article provides insight on a vegan diet without supplementation.

Why Go Vegan – For the Animals, Vegan Travel

This article discusses the reasons why it is inhumane to kill animals for human consumption.

Pro omnivore diet 

Why the Future Won’t Be Vegan, Ethical Omnivore Movement

This article discusses ways to be more sustainable, than adopting a vegan diet.  Ethical Omnivore Movement is the opposite of a pro vegan movement and offers the public a wide array of information on omnivore diets.

Eight Vegan Diet Dangers (One Is Irreversible), Clean Eating Kitchen

Originally published in 2018, this article was recently updated and provides a unique infographic that delivers information on possible deficiencies on a vegan diet.

Animal Welfare: FAQ & Useful Links, Michael Pollan

Michael addresses the common mistreatment of animals in the meat industry, provides a solution of grass fed meat and shares his experience for finding local meat.

Revisiting my media use:

My 24-hour media use did change the way I use media.  Since then, I have cleaned up who I follow on Twitter and have decided to use Twitter more as my news source.  I unfollowed most of the people that I had on there and now I mostly follow news organizations, celebrities, politicians, and brands I enjoy.  The biggest change to this list is the news organizations and politicians.  I don’t check Twitter everyday but have made a goal to check it at least three times a week.  From Twitter this week, I read articles from Global Voices, Chicago Tribune, Journal Sentinel, and a video from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I have also adjusted my media use on LinkedIn and Facebook by joining groups that discuss public relations, communication and vegan diets.  I don’t believe I have decreased my screen time at all, but it has changed with my being more mindful about my media use and not mindlessly refreshing my pages.