Top NBA Sources & Revisiting Media Consumption

It’s fairly easy to find great sources on sports, specifically NBA because there usually little to not controversy. Rather, the stats and facts of the games or players are all there. However, I find that these sources to a great job at reporting NBA content while keeping their reporting unique and interesting.

My Top Sources for NBA news 

ESPN on the NBA

I use ESPN as my go-to outlet to check game statistics or breaking news. The app has brought me a lot of convenience because I get notifications on news about my favorite NBA teams. ESPN also does a great job at keeping their social media platforms up to date, such as instagram and twitter. ESPN is a reliable source for basic statistics and breaking news but is also very broad.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, retired NBA player, is one of my favorite analysts to listen to about issues within the National Basketball Association. He always remains professional when reporting and gives his honest opinion about the game. I believe these attributes Barkley holds are hard to come by in the media environment we face today.

Bleacher Report’s Instagram

This is the source I look to when I am looking for some new content to read. However, Bleacher Report covers all sports and holds an occasional satirical twist in some of their content. They do always remain true to the facts of the news but add very unique strategies that make consumption of sports news more entertaining and fun.

Doris Burke

Similar with Barkley, Doris Burke is a retired WNBA player and is known as a veteran when it comes to the NBA reporting world. I want to note her one this list because of her skills shown when she interviews players before or after games. The questions she asks are more engaging and specific rather than the basic, “how do you think you played tonight?” which is where I hold a lot of respect for her.

Official NBA Website

The last source I want to highlight is the National  Basketball Association website. This source is always up to date and can be used for basically every detail of any NBA game, player, referee etc. Similar with ESPN, this is one of the most reliable sources that can be counted on to be accurate majority of the time. This source also provides multiple different sources on information about the NBA that make it convenient for consumers to further research certain topics.



Revisiting my Media Use

On the topic of NBA news, I still hold high respects and use the sources I mentioned above almost daily. The assignment did allow me to find a few new sources like some more NBA analysts social media accounts, especially twitter. This is another source I have begin to use more often for quick updates on the NBA.

Barkley and Burke still remain the two NBA reporters that I hold the most respect and accountability for and that remains true after this assignment. There are not many situations where either of these analysts have broke ethical journalism codes and remain extremely professional in their work.

In summary, the sources I have highlighted above are all still my top sources for NBA news and all do very well at executing the values and roles of reporting on NBA news.