Top 5 Celebrity News Sources

When looking at celebrities in the media, there are a lot of sources that do not provide the most accurate information. Often times, these unreliable sources will give out wrong information just to make the story a little juicier. It is getting harder and harder to find genuinely reliable sources in terms of celebrity news, but there are definitely some still out there. With that being said, I will give my top five media outlets that offer the most accurate and reliable stories for celebrities.


People fills its articles with quotes directly from people who know the whole story which provides the readers with very accurate articles. This is not a celebrity gossip outlet; it is real news with reliable stories explaining what happened.

A recent article titled “Former Love Island Host Caroline Flack Found Dead at 40” gives information of her death based off of her family’s own statements. They also provide more insight as to what her life was like before her death including different allegations and scandals related to her job. All information provided is linked to other sources to confirm what is being said.


Twitter is a great outlet to find news about celebrities because it is coming directly from them. A lot of celebrities like to post updates that give the real story and not just what everyone is assuming to be true from the news outlets.

A prime example of this is from Jordyn Woods. There was a huge scandal that she was involved last year so she took to Twitter to post her side of the story.

Instagram is another social media outlet that is a great place to get information directly from the celebrities themselves. Like Twitter, Instagram provides news that is not dramatized because it is given from the only people who know the whole story.

Selena Gomez previously took a break from social media and gave her followers an in-depth post as to why she was doing this. Most of the time when celebrities do this, they do not inform anyone of it (because they shouldn’t have to), but this leads to celebrity gossip sources making articles making assumptions as to why they did. Her post let people know that “negative comments can hurt anybody’s feelings” and that she just needed some time away from it all.


US Weekly is a great place for all things celebrity related whether the stories are big or small. They offer daily articles with quotes directly from the people involved to provide credibility.

A recent article titled “Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Hospitalized Following an Incident at Recess” gives the story on what happened to her daughter and adds post’s from Jamie’s Instagram about the incident.


The New York Times is a great news outlet overall for any news that you may be looking for. Their articles on celebrities have some of the most accurate information by adding links and direct quotes for proof of authenticity.

They recently posted another article that I found on Caroline Flack and they did a great job at providing links to everything being said as well as direct quotes to back it up.


My social media use has been decreasing recently. I am currently in two classes that deal with nearly this same material, so other than doing assignments that require the use of media, I do not get on a lot. This is mostly due to my busy school and work schedule. Since being in these classes, I find myself clearing out some of the old pages I had been following. I am filling my feeds with more educational information and news outlets so that I do not feel as guilty about getting on social media. I used to feel very unfulfilled after getting off of social media because I wasn’t looking at anything beneficial to me.