The Race For First : Disney+ Versus Netflix

Streaming services have been in the media constantly over the last few weeks. It seems that Netflix is losing fans and steam as many other companies introduce their new services for customers. Streaming is the new cable TV, so as companies lose viewers to streaming, they want to get them back by creating their own, going up against the big dog, Netflix. There are a lot of articles going around saying things like “Disney+ shades Neflix by offering x amount per month”. I see how the media can play a significant role in this new age of streaming by the way consumers are influenced. Depending on what news site covers it, or an article is shared on Facebook, it often portrays one sided material, instead of being informative versus critical. People who are uninformed could end their Netflix subscription without doing a little digging to see if the service will actually decline in terms of content. Because I am an active consumer with multiple streaming services, I was immediately interested in hearing what Disney+ has to offer.

This article I found on Facebook by Chris Smith does a good job of highlighting the pricing of different streaming services, and shares that Disney+ won’t necessarily kill Netflix due to the wider variety of content and reach that Netflix has. Unfortunately, I feel that not all coverage is this cut and dry. Disney owns a lot of networks, so if I am watching news on ABC I won’t ever see anything negative about the cost, but probably some negative things about Netflix. I am excited to see how the media continues to cover this as both companies unveil their ideas and plans for the future.