The MCU.

Yup. That’s it.

Just kidding! But yes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is something that has held my attention ever since I saw Iron Man back in high school with my friends in 2008. Fast forward to 2019, I’ve obsessively watched all the movies multiple times, I research the comics on my downtime, and I try to stay caught up on the latest news. Things can change at any moment; Tom Holland’s sudden departure from the MCU is exhibit A (my heart is BROKEN, but let’s move on). The second the news came out that Sony and Disney had cut their deal, I saw at least 10 different articles from a couple of my MCU-obsessed mutuals on Facebook, and yes I read them all, because they couldn’t all hurt me and tell me the same thing, right? Yes, yes they can. The facts don’t lie.

The MCU is a broad topic, so more specifically my topic is going to be how the MCU has changed the “superhero movie” genre. When The Avengers came out, it changed the course of superhero movie history. DC has tried replicating their success with little results; Batman v Superman did decently even though no one was really impressed by the script, but Justice League was not as successful. It did well…but it was a flop. This article from Business Insider goes in to a bit of detail about it. To this day I still haven’t seen it, but to be fair I am a bit of a bandwagon fan, not so much a huge comic book nerd (hence all the research on the MCU comics I do). The MCU definitely gets a bit more love than that from the media, but it took literally a decade to get to where Endgame got. There’s an article from The Playlist that was really skeptical of where the MCU would end up (it’s actually a pretty funny read).┬áNowadays, coverage about the MCU is everywhere, and Disney vs. Sony is pretty much anyone can talk about. There’s an article on We Got This Covered claiming that there may be a chance Spidey’s back, and while this brings me LOTS of joy, I kind of wish they hadn’t posted anything. There’s nothing official and no other sources have reported anything, so all this does is get my hopes up for no reason.

I’m excited to start researching more into the MCU! I don’t need an excuse, but I’m stoked to have one anyway.