“The Grandmother Problem”

In this blog post you will describe what you think is the best approach to help a friend or loved one understand the importance of not sharing false or misleading information on social media.

The best guidance that I could give my family and friends when posting false or misleading information on social media, is that you should fact check and follow some key rules when sharing. I always have a belief that before I post or share content. I always bring a subject amongst my friends to get a better understanding of the material. I explain the key points in my arguments. This is one step that I trained myself to do with the content that I reshare or post about. I don’t want to ever purposely hurt anyone’s feelings but to give my insight on how I’ve encountered this subject. My credibility should be valued by others that share my story. I’ve always listened with an open ear about other beliefs and know that people are raised differently. I think when you find the conversation becoming more complicated with the opinions leading the conversation, more than facts. The outcome can be complex leading people to have arguments. I also like to research the writers of an article and check on recent work they have covered. In my opinion, this gives me an insight into how the writer evaluates situations.

I do not personally post much on any of my platforms because i don’t have the energy to fight about small issues. I keep my life busy with the many activities I do around my daily work week. I avoid conflict with my opinion because I will always believe in what I find to be true or correct. There is nothing you can tell me that will make me switch over to unless you give me info that I can think over and evaluate. I find it very important that people don’t fall in the traps and bait wars that trolls on the internet practice, every time they are logged in the web. I would always keep in mind your audience because you never know who could be watching and how it can affect your personal and work life. We should always keep in mind and pratice these skills and tools that are given to use to change and write the stories of our lifes.