The grandmother problem: Extra Credit


My solution to the Grandmother problem was positive education in and a rule of thumb which was if you are posting about something, only post if you feel confident about the subject that you would print out the post and hand it out in person, fully prepared to have a conversation about the topic. This past week I saw a very close friend of mine post an article about how planned parenthood hurts more woman than it helps. The article was obviously written to scare woman away from the non-profit that helps thousands of women get birth control, get tested for sexually transmitted illneses, and preforms abortions. The article was written by a christian mommy blog that focused on opinions of the writer. I usually just ignore ignorant articles like this but I decided to responded via text message. I reached out to my dear friend who is very confused and asked them if they had actually researched anything about plan parenthood. My friend responded and said no, but that the article stated all of the reasons why she did not even need to waste her time on research. I responded by saying that if she wanted to truly educate people on her opinions about planned parenthood she should really look into the group and have the knowledge to back her beliefs. I share my own beliefs about the group and that because I knew how much they helped so many people I decided that it was a group I supported and valued in society. She was very polite and responded and said all she needed to know was that they preformed abortions an that was enough for her to dislike the group.

While we can agree to disagree I would say my solution to the grandmother problem kind of failed in this situation.