The Effects of Music and Celebrities on the Masses

The topic of the effects of music on the youth can get very deep. Music is presented on all types of media platforms. The musicians also play a keep role when it comes to media platforms. Media platforms thrive off of music and the celebrities that create these pieces of influential tracks that go onto represent the people of the youth. Musicians can carry a huge amount of powerful influence that can pretty much help “raise” children and even influences major corporations and politics. 

Music can be a huge selling tool when it comes to retail. Music is something that people can relate to and music is a true bond between all people. Music can be found in movies, television shows, on a radio in the car, on your cellular device, and many more places that are easily accessible by the masses. Music and celebrities can agglomerate many people and things. For example, a charity event called Chime for Change is used to raise money to fight against inequality for women. Powerful musicians were a part of this amazing organization to help promote the massive foundation.

The media typically grasps stories about famous musicians that can lure in readers and listeners to gain views and high ratings. Social media is a huge part of how celebrities make a living other than just music. Instagram has many if not, all of the celebrities partaking in the activities on that social media. So many people that are in the world are pointing their attention to this mega-monster that celebrities come here to make a huge impact on their brand and their music as well. 

YouTube is a HUGE platform to which musicians place their art and persuade the people of this earth t the best of their ability. YouTube allows people to share their own videos that they create and can profit from it when it is a profitable source. Many people who are on YouTube do not even share music, they may share videos of a make-up tutorial which is again, very accessible to many people and can influence so many who use this platform. 

Facebook is another huge platform that many people are influenced by the music and the celebrities that partake in this forever evolving time of internet and social media. Facebook is used to present many ads and promotions for a lot of things such as music and many other retail items. There are so many different platforms that help play a part in the influence of many people that use them as consumers.