Spidey’s Gone and I’m Still Crying

One of the main things going on right now in the MCU world is the “divorce” between Sony and Disney. There’s a bit of worry amongst fans that the movies on both sides will be hurt by this split, so most of what you find online covering the topic is on the hopeful side of things. The article I chose to pick apart was this one from Vox about how Spider-man’s future “isn’t as bleak as it seems.”

They provide links to a few sources, but they also have a lot of their own articles, which then have sources, so I ended up doing a decent amount of browsing on Vox, trying to piece together as much information as they could provide. They do provide links for the Deadline report in the article, but it came later, after the link for the Vox report covering the Deadline report. It didn’t make the process of verifying the sources any easier, but it also wasn’t annoying. The author of the piece didn’t seem biased towards one company or the other; he provided situations in which both Sony and Marvel could benefit from the split, and spoke with a neutral tone throughout. The sources he used were the same sources a lot of websites are using for information about the split: Deadline (who were the first to report the news) and two articles from The Hollywood Reporter. It was fairly easy navigating the site, and the articles in the links were easy reads, so I wasn’t lingering on any one page for too long before I was back to my original article.

One thing that I don’t feel the author did was report on why this could be a bad thing for the two companies. There’s a future somewhere where everything works out between the two studios and Spiderman lives harmoniously at both Sony and Disney, but I would’ve liked to see the downsides of a deal not working out on the same page. However, it’s a popular opinion around the internet that somehow, a deal is going to have to work out, so I can understand why the author chose to stick to that tone.

The tone of the piece stayed pretty neutral and used logic and facts to back up the possibilities he laid out for the future of the two studios. The sources were clearly provided. In my opinion, I don’t think the author showed much bias in favor or against any particular party involved. All in all it was an easy-to-read piece, and if I had to grade it (which I do) I’d probably give it a A-. They lost points for not going deeper into why Spider-man’s future IS as bleak as it seems.