Before reading the article’s from the lecture, I always took my own digital security pretty serious.  I had experienced my card being used from my Uber account so I know how stressful it is dealing with being hacked and I do not want to go through that experience again.

I started making sure that when I use my card online I am not using it while being on public wifi.  When I am in a public area, I make sure not to log into my online banking or anything where someone could get my card or banking information.

When it comes to passwords, I need to start using a more complex one.  I tend to just use the same password for all of my logins which is not the safest because if a hacker was able to get one of my passwords they would have access to everything.  In this article by Get Safe Online, they say that if you need to write down your passwords than make sure you encrypt them in a way that if familar to you but cannot be deciphered by anyone else.

Another thing I do to protect my information is by adding as much security as possible.  In my Vemno account, I have face I.D., a text code sent to my phone to confirm login and a four digit pin.  I use the two authentication for my social media apps and email.  I believe this does help protect my accounts.  It kept someone from logging into my Instagram account.

After reading the material from this way, I have learned there are some improvements I can make to my digital security on top of the precautions I already take.

In the article, 10 Tips to Avoid Leaving Tracks Around the Internet, I learned that I need to remove my date of birth and city I was born from my date of birth because that is 98 percent of stealing someone’s identity.  I am going to go through my social media accounts and remove any personal information I have on it.

I need to stop using the “Sign in with Facebook” and “Sign in with Google” shortcut options.  I tend to use that very frequently because I am lazy when I come to entering my information when signing in.  However, after learning that it allows these companies to track you, I will not be using this option anymore.

When I am using my personal phone, I learned to turn off my setting that automatically connects me to wifi when I am out in public.  This will keep me from joining wifi networks that are unknown to me or that I deem unsafe.  Also, I will be disconnecting from wifi if I need to send important information because it is safer to send it from your celular data than wifi.

Working to improve your digital security is something that I will continue to work on.  I don’t believe I have reached the point where I am completely sure that I am safe from hackers.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.  In an age where technology is so relevant and hackers are so common, everyone needs to take every precaution to keep your information safe.