The Cost of Security

        This Modules scared me more than others. Reading about how Google and Facebook do very little to protect my information online. I just saw an ad for Facebook’s Portal, which is like facetime in your home on a big screen that follows you around in your home. Letting Facebook have such a personal connection in my home seems a bit creepy now. Growing up we only used apple products, so it did make me relieved that they do more to protect my information. I will continue to fully support Apple and exclusively buy their products knowing they are able to take the extra step and do not sell your info which is what happens with other tech companies. Apple seems to be the top tech company as far as security. I know a lot of people brag about Google and android phones, but I wonder if they would feel the same way if they knew how superior Apple was on security. It blows my mind that Google Wildly profits off of its users and most people (including myself prior to this week) know nothing about Google’s business. Will I stop using google? Honestly probably not, but I still plan on staying informed. For me choosing Google comes down to convince. I used to think people were wild or paranoid for not using Google, now I feel that their beliefs are very much validated.

I have always been careful about using public wifi and what I decide to do on public Wifi. I use to think that anything could be tracked and hacked if I was simply on a public Wifi. I recently learned that Http sites encrypt what you do on their site. I also learned from The NY Times that apple does the same thing with iMessage (   )


After this week’s reading I think that I will probably stop signing any though Facebook for all my apps. I was honestly shocked to read how little Facebook does for its users. I will continue to use Google products like Gmail and their search engine. I exclusively own Apple tech products and never planned on changing but after this week and reading about how much they look out for their customers I will continue to stay loyal for life. Social media and the internet are very helpful and gives us more information at our fingertips that whole generations have had before, but at what cost? Google and Facebook might be financially free for anyone to use, but it does come at a cost. It amazes me that all of this information is available to the public about how big companies are using the public’s information and not that many people seem to be concerned. Big tech company’s really do have a monopoly on the industry because consumers will sacrifice anything for the fastest, sleekest, and cheapest tech products. I would include myself in that category where I will definitely be more  conscious about how I interact with Facebook, but I am not willing to change too much out of convince.