One Entire Day of my Media Use


August 23, 2019

I woke up around 7:15 on this particular morning, and the first thing I did was check my phone. I went to twitter first and scrolled through my feed, catching glimpse of the recent news that after some disagreement between Sony and Disney, Spiderman was no longer going to be part of the Marvel universe. This story sparked my interest, so I read through a few posts from sources such as Entertainment Weekly and Deadline Hollywood.

After about 15 minutes of this, I needed to get ready for work- but after I realized my husband was in the bathroom, I went to Reddit to kill some more time. I scrolled through some more posts about the Spiderman news, as well as some different types of stories and memes from subreddits I am subscribed too. After about another 20 minutes of this, I got a news notification from my news app that delivered the top news of the day, but I didn’t open the app to go more in depth since my husband came out of the bathroom around this time.

On the way to work, I listened to my “release radar” playlist on my Spotify, since I get a new version of the playlist every Friday. When I got to work, I checked my twitter one last time before I clocked in. Since Starbucks is a fast paced job, I never really have time to check my phone at work except on my breaks, when is when I check my usual social media apps: Twitter, e-mail, reddit, and instagram. I get off at 5 PM, and I listen to more music on the drive home.

Once at home, I start doing some laundry I had been putting off. When I fold laundry I like watching youtube, so I turned on my TV, opened the youtube app, and settled in on my bed. I went to catch up with my go-to youtubers, most recent videos, with my favorites being Jenna Marbles, Kurtis Conner, and Joana Ceddia. Around 6 PM I was done with my laundry, and I checked my phone, once again going to twitter and reddit, then going on to play a few rounds of candy crush.

After eating dinner with my husband, we settled in at about 8 PM and turned on Hulu, watching a show we’ve recently gotten into called Letterkenny. We watched a few episodes, then turned on The Office on Netflix as background noise as we went to bed.

After tracking my media use for a day, I realized just how much I rely on my phone and TV for entertainment. I use my phone almost constantly, whether I am actively checking it for my social media, or using it for music while I’m driving.  I also realized that I get a lot of information through my twitter and reddit apps. While these apps often have news articles on them, it’s often difficult to figure out whether or not these sources are reliable, since there are often a lot of different people relaying the information, and it’s hard to trace it back to the source. So if I were to give my definitive ranking on how credible my media sources are, I would rank both twitter and reddit a 4, since I would most likely have to do some more research on whether or not what I was reading was true. I am ranking my news app a 10, since I trust this app to give me accurate information every time I open it.