My top 5 sources

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For this blog post I am going to introduce some of the top sources I have turned to for the information I have given over David Ross and his move to becoming the manager of the Chicago Cubs. Most of these sources come from news sites, although I have a few nontraditional ones as well. They are in no particular order but I have grouped the like ones together.

  1. This source is an obvious one, it is the MLB’s official website. This article titled, “David Ross officially introduced as Cubs manager”, I find informative detail over the move written by an experienced sports analyst. One reason I like this particular post is because it includes a clip from the official press conference. One quote from this article that stuck with me is this “Ross believes — even with no managerial experience — he is prepared to handle all that comes with his new pile of responsibilities”, because it is something the viewer can revert back to the video to hear Ross himself explain.
  2. I tend to read a lot from NBC Sports- Chicago, as I find they post relevant material and have a wide variety of journalist, that way I can read more than one opinion. With NBC being a major news corporation, I do find this to be a credible site to go to for sports information. The article “Cubs questions entering camp: What kind of manager will David Ross be?” was a good read. It ties in current situations now that training camp has started and gives proper insight into what we can expect in the foreseeable future. “Time will tell how successful Ross is in his new position. What’s evident is things will be different with him at the helm, which he and the Cubs hope will help the team be greater than the sum of its parts” in this quote the journalist remains fairly neutral on the subject, which is something I prefer when reading something informative.
  3. From Bruce Levine of 670 The Score, a popular sports radio broadcast, he posted this article titled “David Ross: Cubs out to prove something” on the radio page’s main site. Bruce has covered all things Chicago baseball for over 30 years, so I find credibility in that fact, he also included a short clip of a broadcast, which I also tend to favor when choosing a news source. In the clip, Levine is seen interviewing Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks who mentions that the team is looking forward to the changes this coming season.
  4. The “Chicago Cubs Manager Press Conference” is another source I tend to visit when looking over my topic of interest. Found straight from the Cubs official YouTube page, this 30 minute video is a great reference to turn to when reading other articles that claim to know what David Ross will be like as a manger. Known for being a lovable guy, Ross makes it known in his official conference that he will hold his players accountable when needed, and has high expectations for the team.
  5. Jesse Rogers is a Chicago Cubs sports analyst who works for ESPN.I read his work on ESPN’s site from time to time, but I most often interact with Jesse’s work through twitter. His twitter handle is @ESPNChiCubs and he is who I turn for when news is breaking. Roger’s frequently live tweets press conferences between players and media staff and works diligently to inform the fans who follow him with accurate and important news. This here is a recent tweet from Rogers who talked with Kris Bryant and the details of all of the trade rumors. I found this funny as twitter is actually one of my favorite areas to receive sports news content.

Overall, I can tell you that the social media algorithm is in fact a thing as now all I see are sponsored sports ads, and my timelines are filled with all things Cubs. My media use over the last week has been bumped up compared to previous weeks. I spent time looking over sources, new and old, to find which sites I tend to gravitate towards for my sports news. I still visit sites like,,, and regularly, as I prefer to read from sports analysts who have been in “the game” for a while. I guess I equate years of experience to credibility in my mind. Though, I have found some new sources to turn to in the future.

Something I did this week that I haven’t done in a while was subscribe to online newspapers. The Chicago Tribune is a site that I saw myself visiting more than I ever used to and I am happy to become a consumer of their service. I also subscribe to the Chicago Sun-Times to read more news. Not only am I reading the sports columns, but I have started reading other news as well. I also started listening to more sports radio broadcasts. 670 the Score features Pat Hughes (one of my all-time favorite broadcasters) as well as Ron Coomer, who is one of the players that turned out to become a great play-by-play sportscasters. These new sources of information are vital to the world of sports, and I am excited to feature them in my new and upgraded media repertoire.