Module 3: News & Opinion

LGTBQ+ rights and gender identity in the United States have come into the forefront of political topics in the United States. While Gay and Lesbian communities have had mainstream success over the past few decades, particularly in 2015 as the Supreme Court ruling same-sex marriage legal. However, gender identity has yet to really make the same level of progress for transgender, non-binary and gender-nonconforming individuals.  The access of non -gendered Bathrooms or Unisex bathrooms.  Coverage on the issue from my researched typically went into two separate categories; coverage and opinion.  Gavin Grimm a Transgender student was discriminated against at his high school, a federal judge ruled in his favor in of him using the boy’s restroom. I first heard of this story on twitter with the hashtag #StandWith Gavin as many celebrities tweeted it. this was in solidarity and to give light to Gavin’s case.

Actress, Lena Heady (Game of Thrones)

Actress, Jane Lynch (Glee, Nurse Jackie)

 a letter to the editor, Bettye L. Wages writes to the Washington post offers a simple solution or reasoning by making all restrooms unisex. while short she makes a case based from a different WaPo article covering the issue at hand.  She responding rather than elaborating to what happened to Gavin Grimm and his case. This is opinion, not coverage.  Matt Stevens NY Times article also covers the same story. These two are clearly coverage as they give objective timelines, history, and explanation of the issue. Rather than Bettye’s work which is her responding to Debbie Truong’s article. Both Truong and Steven’s work give insight to the case noting Grimm’s 2015 original case and the federal case’s decision. Both would be considered news. Gavin Grimm wrote an op-ed on his own journey of coming out as transgender and his view of the case and the progress it means for trans people and trans rights.  While he covers each case from its beginning as a school board issue it is not covered. Notably, because it has his narrative which innately has a bias. We see this when Gavin writes “This case will not be resolved until after I graduate. But this fight is bigger than me. I came to realize that very early on, and it is truer now than it ever has been. This fight is for other trans youth in my high school. It is for other trans youth in Virginia. It is for all trans youth who are in school or one day will be.” while at first glance it might blend both news coverage and opinion it is the only opinion just like Bettye’s. Persuasive to a reader but not fully informative.


While opinion can be good for people to read and understand but most importantly it gives an opportunity to learn from one another. it can provide an outlook on the same issue and give pr News coverage offers information and insight into a situation. just remember that what others believe and write isn’t always actual news coverage. Pundits, movers, and shakers will write op-eds. while helpful we and readers much media literate to know the difference.