Module 3: News & Opinion Blog

Load management in the NBA seems to increasingly become a favored topic of discussion between columnist, media outlets, journalist, and even fans across all sports spectrum. Below are some different options between news and opinion or analysis articles.

Analysis- This Old Gold and Black, student paper article is credible due to the fine print under the paper name, stating this is a Wake Forest student paper since 1916. That solidifies a location for this paper, the history and ongoing credibility over the years where students get to share their stories and analysis.

Zimmerman goes on to explain in detail what Load management is, what the league defines it to be, and what the different perceptions around the league from teams and fans may be. He has sources and facts that he mentions, such as Dr. Marcus Elliot and Adam Silver who he explains who each person is and they are two credible people in the NBA sports world that he confidently researched information from.

Analysis-In this Forbes article, what made it credible is the author, Evan Dammaroll, and it has his position with Forbes next to their name. Also, there is a small hyperlink next to the name that when you hover over it , says the contributor to this article are all opinions of their own.

Dammaroll has strong opinions here, such as stating  if the NBA organizations were to lay out a structured schedule that shows when they are going to rest players, a lot of this negativity would likely go away. This is not certain, but he is expressing out of his thought process and what maybe he hopes for the outcome to be. He also mentions more than twice that fans will need more than a paragraph above to squash any negative connotations. Again, that is of his opinion not necessarily from the NBA league, the players or the organization as whole.

At the end of this article, Dammaroll has a description of his current position and in the past. He adds a personal email to be reached as well as the noted statement that he wants to provide readers with a thoughtful and rational look at the cavaliers and the league as a whole

News– In this ESPN article by Pelton and Arnovitz are stating news as they found it with credible sources. As you read through it, you get the vibe of it to be news instead of opinion or analysis, there is no I feel or I think,  but  majority of this is factual because of exhibit A,B,C. That’s  a determining factor of differences between news and opinion.

This is a credible source by the entity name of ESPN, its reputable history as the largest sports media outlet, gives you that assurance that it is a trusted source in comparison to millions of other sports outlets that may be floating around with the same information.

News-In this Bleacher Report article, this piece is stating news and is credible because like ESPN, this media outlet is reputable and known for trusted stories in the sports world. They have many hyperlinks across the article, where it redirects you to further credible resources. You can never have too much credibility sources, the more the merrier. It shows accuracy, attention to detail and trust for their readers. The questions throughout this article, gives the reader much more confidence of the credibility, because there is specific interview answers, details and names mentioned throughout. Overall, this read gives the best knowledge of the topic and as a news article that’s important, because the reader or journalist is looking to gather all the details to connect the dots to the topic for further understanding and potentially to further share what they have learned from it.