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This past week I have spent quite some time looking for the best media outlets for fashion.

Because fashion is not just an industry, but also art, there are tons of outlooks and views on the subject of the industry. For  this example because the fashion industry is so large I will take a closer look at the largest night of fashion 2019 saw, the Met Gala. I found not only the best outlets, like Vogue, but other outlets where common people who are not in the fashion industry were able to express their opinion on the 2019 Met Gala.


Vogue :“Met Gala 2019: Everything You Need to Know”


Vogue is referred to the bible of fashion. In this online article that gave the perfect breakdown of everything involving the 2019 Met Gala. Voguestates that “ While the particulars of the guest list are kept secret, the co-chairs are not: In 2019, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Serena Williams, and Alessandro Michele of Gucci (which is serving as a co-sponsor) will join Anna Wintour at the top of the museum steps, greeting guests as they arrive.”


Instagram : @KimKardashian

Days after the 2019 met Kim Kardashian shared a picture of herself wearing a custom dress made by Mugler. Kim wore a nude skin tight dress that had jewels dripping from the dress. Kims look was very popular as people wondered how she contoured her waits to look unusually small and almost disproportionate. Kim Kardashian served one of the most talked about Met looks of 2019 and she shared a wonderful picture of her look on her Instagram.

Youtube : Met Gala 2019: Sasha Velour’s Critical Camp Eye

WWD Shared a Youtube video of Drag Queen star Sasha Velour’s top picks and notes on the most talked about looks from the Met. This years theme was Camp and there is no better person to judge camp looks than Sasha Velour who notes that the queer community invented camp.


Refinery29: “The Met Gala Goes Camp: Here’s All The Over-The-Top Looks From The Red Carpet”


Refinery29 is a blog and lifestyle website that covered all the looks from the Met Gala. Refinery29 is different from Vogue because the voice is more of an outsiders opinion on the fashion from the night rather than someone that works in fashion. Refinery29 gives an almost comic and confused take at the best of the Met.


Twitter: @rangashree1910


This twitter user tweeted a picture of Kylie Jenners Met look poking fun at the fact that her look is so similar to another by saying “Can I copy your homework? “Yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied” “Ok”

photo of tweet.