Law and Media

Law and media really can be a very touchy combination. There is so much that can be confusing about the way media should be handled by the law. This can range from defamation, copyright, and more. There are so many ways to share media and trying to determine if certain media is against the law can be a bit tricky.

When it comes to the legality of media, I believe that major corporations should really be aware of what is posted. Companies and corporations seems to be more prone to anything that has to do with the legal system and breaking any laws. This can be from false advertising, sharing incorrect information on the internet, or even selling the wrong services or items. Employees who work in stores even have to be cautious because they are representing a company and they could get in trouble if they were to post something about the company and it damaged the company’s image.

When it comes to a personal account, people typically have the freedom to share information on different platforms. Media that is shared on Instagram and Facebook is considered free speech. The content that is posted is essentially owned by the companies who own those platforms but information that shared is typically freedom of speech. Now, when someone tries to post information that is defaming someone, this can cause some trouble. The victim in this particular situation can sue the “suspect” for either causing harm to their character. They can even sue the person for threats that are made on the internet. I am not concerned about the fact that certain laws may be changing for the content being placed on the internet because personally I do not post anything that can cause harm to anyone, however, the comments and posts that people can post on Instagram and Facebook could be a target for change. This is because people may not be able to say what they want to say or the stuff that is being said could potentially be used in court as evidence against someone.

Laws should be changed in the news industry when it comes to the sharing of information that can be very controversial. For example, the sharing of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash photos is such a huge media frenzy. ¬†Information like this is really sensitive to people and should not be shared with the masses. Think about how Kobe’s family feels when they see this in the news and has to relive this unfortunate event. It is so sad to see and something should be done about this. No, it is not defaming but it is insensitive of someone to share this horrific information. ¬†Whoever shared this information should be investigated because this person could have just done this for personal gains and not for educational purposes.

I am not entirely nervous about the laws changing the way we post media and the way we receive media but I do have concerns about how media can be controlled and what will be controlled. That is something that needs to be talked about on a daily basis.