Janasia’s 24hrs of media

I wake up around 10am and immediately checked my e-mail. My mom keeps MSNBC on the television pretty much the entire day so I listen to that while I finish waking up around 11am. Once I’m up and ready at 12pm I get on Instagram to check on my friends’ stories and posts. I watch whatever is on MSNBC until I have to leave for work at 2pm. Before I start work I check Instagram or Twitter one more time as I’m not allowed to be on my phone while I’m working. After trading hours of my human life for a compensation I get a break. My break is usually around 5:15pm and it’s only 15 minutes long so I just listen to music on Spotify. I get off around 8pm and check instagram before I drive home. While I drive home I listen to podcasts on Spotify. Currently I am Listening to the Good Ancestor Podcast. I’m home before 9pm but now i’m tasked with dinner. I’m not very good at making dinner nor do I ever feel motivated to do so. In attempts to motivate myself I watch cooking videos on Youtube for 30 or so minutes or until I decide what I want to make. I like to have dinner done by 10pm. Which seems so late but I work really late so it make sense for me. After dinner I like to watch Youtube, Hulu, or MSNBC. I keep up with shows on a weekly basis so I really like Hulu for that but, as I mentioned before, if I feel like watching the news MSNBC is always on and is usually interesting to me. I’ll fall asleep to a show usually but I don’t typically go to bed until 12am or 1am. I consume content like this daily and I’d say this is pretty accurate for a work day. On my day off I’d say I consume much more media than I probably need to if I’m being honest.

As far as creating content goes I don’t do so on a daily basis but when I do it’ll be a day that I have off so I can take my time. I like to edit my own photos and create my own captions as well. I can usually knock out one post over the span of 3 hrs.  I take time throughout the whole day to curate my instagram stories. I really like them to be informative so I seek out posts on the subjects I’m looking for.