It’s The Law!

The only thing that concerns me is net neutrality.  Just this week, a federal appeals court upheld the the FCC’s decision to remove net neutrality rules, but it cannot stop states from making their own laws regarding new neutrality.  Basically this means that the court put it back into individual states hands how to regulate the internet.  Some will regulate like phone service, and some will fight to regulate it like the wanted it to be, extremely narrowly.  Do you want your provider to be able to throttle your internet access at any given moment, regardless of network traffic?  I don’t either, and that is why net neutrality is important.

I am not going to be doing anything differently when I use social media, or access the internet.  I already am very careful about what I post online, especially since once it’s out there it never truly goes away.  Nowadays, there are too many celebrities who would do good to remember that fact, between the old tweets that resurface years later and the sex tapes that are ‘leaked’, there are so many things that people post online that come back to haunt them years later.

I recently read a post on Buzzfeed ( I can’t find it now, or I would link it) where a woman didn’t get a job due to photos on her personal Instagram account.  Now, that may cross into another line as well, but her account was not private, so anyone could search for it, and the prospective employer did, then didn’t hire her.   She, of course, put them on blast on social media for then posting the photos on their Instagram stories calling her out as unprofessional.  This, to me covers two things.  One, my point that things never go away.  Once those photos are out there, they’re there.  And two, I would think that this would be defamation on the part of the company.  They were in essence bad mouthing her on their Instagram stories.

Just be careful and don’t do stupid things.