Extra Credit: The “Grandmother Problem”

Learning about the “Grandmother Problem” was very helpful in talking with my actual Grandmother about this issue. She joined Facebook a couple of years ago and as the political tension has grown in our country, she has become more active in commenting, posting and reposting information. I think the most untrue information that is shared are articles that someone else has posted. Usually before fact checking them, she would just share it after reading because it aligns with her views and justifies her way of thinking. As someone who is very rooted in her beliefs, I knew addressing this issue was going to be sensitive. With taking the advice I learned from Craig Silverman’s article “What to Do If The Older People In Your Life Are Sharing False Or Extreme Content”, I kept it positive and personal and told her about the website Snopes is a fact checking website for all internet urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation. She was a bit defensive but after relating to her and admitting my own faults in times that I shared misinformation on Facebook she realized that everyone does this and why it’s important to always share current, relevant, and factual articles and information.