Extra Credit: The Grandmother Problem

Recently I saw something on my facebook timeline about the coronavirus being spread by those in the Asian community. This was posted by my Grandmother who obviously didn’t realize how harmful what she posted was. There was a lot of comments stating very racist and upsetting things about the Asian community. I messaged my Grandmother because of how upset I was reading this. I told her that her article was incorrect about how the virus is spread. She simply stated that she, “didn’t care”.

I sent her various articles in attempts to prove to her just how wrong she was but she simply left me on “read” and did not respond any further. This was obviously very upsetting for me. I tried calling her but she did not answer. Maybe she had a feeling what I was calling about and didn’t want to talk or maybe she was busy. I will never know.

What I do know is that the “Grandmother Problem” isn’t as simple as I thought. Even when you try to be nice and simply point out a fact you could be putting your entire relationship on the line with someone. Even though my Grandmother is upset with me I’m glad I did what I did. Standing up for what is right is so important to me. The truth is always worth fighting for.