Here is some recommendation of a curated playlist of mine that I use to gather research and information in the Food Industry. In my recent blogs, I’ve found big News Network coverage like the New York Times or BBC, which are great when covering the topic. But in my opinion, miss out on the small pieces that make us whole and relatable. With a business that comes in many forms and different cultures. Food is an event that brings us together leaving us with happiness and joy. In a saturated business, there’s a lot that needs to be covered. Some business are here one day and the next day has gone!

It’s no mystery that it’s a demanding field and competitive business. Here are my top 5 Curated Playlist: 1-5

National Restaurant Association

If there is any restaurant wanting to have any credentials or wanting to begin the Nationa Restaurant Association is your one-stop. 


Eater is a great resource for a younger generation delivering news on food trends and food-related scandals. Eater also has a youtube channel from interview to cooking lessons easy to follow and listen to.

Restaurant News Resource

This site gives updates on businesses financial quarters as well as giving resources on the development and research for your business.

Restaurant Business Online

Restaurant Business Online is the Forbes or cosmo of the food industries with how topics, to a listing of the hottest new trends and what in the future.

Nation’s Restaurant News

Nation’s Restaurant News Covers all business in the U.S. They cover topics from the new CEO of a business, to change the industry will experience. This is similar to the Restaurant Business Online always nice to have two sources.

Hope this helps, feel free to write back with comments or questions.