Curation: Sources about Music and Charity.

Here is a list of sources that I curated about the effects of music and charity in the world. They consist of different sources and different events that happen, and these sources show why and how they are either great sources or not that great or a source.


  1. Blistein, Jon. “How Rage Against the Machine Are Trying to Beat Scalpers.” Rolling Stone, 14 Feb. 2020,


The article is mainly about how bands are basically cheated out of money by creating fake tickets and allowing charities to not get the money that is deserved. This source has been a reliable source of music news for years. This article contains actual quotes from the people that were interviewed. “Earlier this week, scalpers started posting tickets — before they’d even gone on sale “- Blistein


2.   Corey, Russ. “Music of Sam Phillips to Benefit Two Shoals Charitable Organizations.” TimesDaily, 13 Feb. 2020,


This article is about a band that has Sam Phillips music to perform and raise money for a specific charity. The source of this article seems to be pretty reliable because of the information that has been presented and where the information comes from. “It’s awesome people can come to support more than one charity,” – Manchester. It is basically providing advertisements for the band and the charity.


3.  CBS News. “Panic! at the Disco Lead Singer Brendon Urie Partners with Charity to Inspire Young Musicians.” CBS News, CBS Interactive, 8 Feb. 2020,


“Panic! at the disco” is a music band that is very well known around the world. This article is about the way the music band used their talents for a charitable cause. The source of this information seems to be legit because of where it is located which is CBS.


4.  “The Powerful Voices of the Yazidi Women’s Choir.” The Economist, The Economist Newspaper,

This powerful article describes the impact that music has on the world and on the women, who fled Iraq during the massacre of thousands of people. There many sources that support this source and there is even a video from MSN that supports this incredible source.

5. “What Role Do Record Labels Play In 2020?” Kerrang!,

This article is an article that talks about how the record labels contribute to the music world. This source would not be considered a reliable source for me because there really is no credibility here. This seems to be more of an opinionated piece of writing rather than factual information.

This class has actually taught me to truly understand the importance of finding a credible source to use to retrieve news from. This is such a problem that people have had and looking at Module one’s information and sources that were used, I definitely changed the way I choose my sources.

This is even regarding the different social media that is used because of many people posting so many unreal posts. You have to fact-check this information as well and be very media literate when it comes to Instagram and another social medium.