The effects of music on charity is enormous. When it comes to knowing what kind of charity is a great fit for a powerful musician, there is a science to that. Not necessarily rocket science, but definitely a game that has to be played.    There is a source of information that has been seen as something useful to understand a little more about the effects of music on a charity. How Music Influences Charity by F. Duke Haddad sheds a little light on how this works.

The article shares different examples of how music influences charity and people in general. An example would is when Haddad mentioned that the event and the situation have to “be memorable”. He mentioned a very creative British video that persuaded people to call a specific emergency when in trouble.     The whole purpose was to influence many people to understand how to use the emergency hotline correctly. Using music helps to have memorable circumstances. This source is used very well because the examples that are used are credible due to the fact that they provide great evidence.

This source also shares examples of different songs that were considered charitable songs. This consisted of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s, “We Are the World” and many more. This article gives the credit to the appropriate people whose’ songs are mentioned. This writer has been writing for NonProfitPro for over eleven years and they have great experience in this field.

When it comes to the verification of the sources, it is not so much verified by a ton of sources, but it is also provided by an author who has great experience with sharing information about media and lecturing, according to NonProfitPro. This is a magazine company that covers many other events and other information that regards nonprofit news and the world of non-profit organizations. The way that this source provides the information presented in this piece of writing is very organized and well thought out. It is also very concise and to the point. The links that are used in this source are pretty well done. There is only one main link used and being that this source’s news report is a few years old, the lin did not directly link to the information that was talked about .

When trying to connect to one of the links that were placed into the news article, the link did not work for some reason I tried to restart the link, many times but the link still did not work. This kind of unfortunate event really makes the source seem not reliable. It really puts into question everything that the source has provided as a presentation about the topic at hand. On the other hand, the information that was provided about the different songs that were used as examples was very legit. If you look up the information that was shared in the article, you can then verify the information to make sure that it is very much credible information.