A Sunday in My Life

If you’ve heard the weather reports lately, New York just had its hottest January weekend on record in awhile. It was beautiful, spring weather but after looking back at my media usage, I spent most of the gorgeous Sunday on my phone. Yikes!

As with most days, I woke up around 7:30 am and started the day going through my social medias. I bounced between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, just trying to catch up on all the drama from the night before. After I’ve had enough on my phone, at around 8am I put on the TV to watch Good Morning America. I got up, fed, and walked my dog and then got back in to bed to catch up on some Youtube Videos from around 10am -11am. Now between this time, I was also bouncing around on my phone from social media platforms to the addictive IOS Mario Kart game.

At around 12pm, I went out to lunch with my mom and we took a nice photo of us. She also showed me a New York Times article  on her phone and we discussed it for a little while. Once lunch was over at 2:30pm, I had to turn on the Waze app to get home because a road on my usual route was blocked off. Once I got home, I turned on CNN in an attempt to get my life on track after a pretty lazy morning. By 4pm, I was back on my phone uploading a blog post to my personal website and answering a few emails for clients that I am working with.

At 5pm I made a Hello Fresh meal and I took my puppy on another walk around our neighborhood. I watched World News with David Muir on TV at 6:30 and then I shut off my phone for the night but only after checking socials one more time. One of my new year’s resolutions was to turn off my phone at night, except for emergency phone calls and so far that goal is going pretty well.

After looking back at my Sunday, I definitely let myself have more time on my devices then I do during the week. I did look at some news websites and shows which I feel like can be seen as an important media that should be looked at each day. The most credible new program I watched that day I feel like was World News. There’s not usually any opinion in his reporting, it is just the news so I believe it should be ranked 10. For me, I believe that 9 should be given to the New York Times. I often look to it for 24/7 news and I believe that it does report honestly but sometimes with an opinion. I think CNN should be ranked as 9 also because sometimes it can be diluted with personal opinions based on what show you are watching. Finally, I would not necessarily rank Good Morning America as a credible news source only because they do news and a bunch of other things but I will place them as 6 only because they do report on what is currently happening but I do not consider them in the same category of the other news sources I watched that day.

Overall, I did spend a lot of that gorgeous Sunday on my phone and TV but I think that’s what Sundays are for. They are a day for relaxing and letting yourself indulge a little before the week starts. I am proud that I actually did look at a few actual news sources because I wasn’t sure that I would look at anything other than social media platforms for news and entertainment!