A day in the life…

Disclaimer:  I am so sorry that this will be extremely boring for everyone reading it.

I first read a couple articles on The Athletic app about the upcoming hockey season, and since I had my phone in my hand that immediately turned into an aimless scroll through Instagram. (The aimless Instagram scroll is nearly every morning.)  Facebook followed closely behind, though I did click on several articles on the KFVS-12 (a news channel broadcasting from the Southeast Missouri/Southern Illinois area where I’m from) about a car accident.  I generally also check my email around this time as well, and delete what isn’t important.

After getting ready for work, I turned on Netflix to watch an episode (maybe two) of Better Call Saul.  When that ended, I switched over to Hulu to play a few episodes of Letterkenny, a Canadian comedy,  while I straightened up my apartment and took the syllabus quiz for this class.  By that time, it was time for me to leave for work.

As I was driving into work, I put my phone in it’s cradle and streamed an episode of the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast on Spotify.  While at work, I still had Spotify on, though not on the podcast, just a playlist of my favorite artists.  Occasionally, I would pick my phone up and scroll through Instagram or Twitter.  I read an article (via Twitter) on about the people living near the Amazon devastation.

Reddit is also a time killer.  While I’m not busy I will scroll through the site, reading different threads.  Generally my favorite are the different hockey subs I subscribe to and AskReddit.  I saw a YouTube link to the trailer for the  Netflix original movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad, which I got super excited about.

I also looked at, a SB Nation site that is focused on the Arizona Coyotes that has different writers writing about the team and various happenings within.  When it gets closer to hockey season, the articles ‘grading’ the trades over the summer increase.  There is more speculation about how teams will do the upcoming season.

That leads me to my drive home.  I used Apple music this time and listened to the new Taylor Swift album, Lover.  It’s ok.

As far as news outlets go, I don’t read very much news.  Occasionally I will read stories from my hometown, or if a national headline catches my eye I’ll look at it.   I’m not completely unaware as to what is happening in the world though, I do have awareness.   As little as I read news, I watch it even less.  When I do look at new sites, I try to make sure that they’re trusted sites.  If I’m not sure of the source, I certainly don’t share it.