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Compiling Accessibility in Higher Ed Articles

Accessibility in Higher Education can be a tough topic to write about – between social expectations and legal requirements, there is a lot to navigate.  Here I’ve compiled a list of articles from authors who aren’t afraid to do so, even when it’s tough.

3Play Media

Accessibility for Higher Education Athletics
3Play is a captioning company, so their level of enthusiasm regarding captioning is always off the charts, and readers should take that into account.  There aren’t enough people talking about accessibility in athletics, however, so this topic is important.


3 Ways to Upgrade Your Approach to Disability Services in Higher Education
Disability Services  is where accommodations come from – upgrading this department is an important step.

Boston Magazine

After the Admissions Scandal, Who Will Get Extra Time on the SAT?
Timely and relevant to current events.

Chronicle of Higher Education

How to Make Smart Choices About Tech for Your Course
Accessible Tech

Why We Need to Talk More About Mental Health in Graduate School
Mental health is often overlooked as a disability.

My 5-Month Interlude as a Disabled Professor
Opinion piece from professor who experienced temporary disability

Long Past Time for Colleges to Provide Access to Disabled Faculty and Students
Opinion piece from a disabled professor who has faced discrimination – a response to My 5-Month Interlude as a Disabled Professor

Disability Is More Than a Physical Status
Another opinion piece and response to My 5-Month Interlude as a Disabled Professor

A Note From Your Colleagues With Hearing Loss: Just Use a Microphone Already
Opinion piece about able-ism

DO-IT by University of Washington

Scholars Create Videos on Disability Issues with Rooted in Rights
Positive stories about progress

20 Tips for Teaching an Accessible Online Course
Practical tips

How Should Professors Respond When Students Ask for Accommodations?
It is important for professors to have a guide for accommodations, and to keep learning and asking questions.

Colleges Face Investigations Over Whether Their Use of Social Media Follows Accessibility Regulations
Some of the most important articles today address regulations in the midst of the digital accessibility lawsuit trend.

EdTech Magazine

Keep Accessibility in Mind for Modern Learning Environments
Being proactive with accessibility!

Education Dive

Will artificial intelligence make the college classroom more accessible?
AI is a hotly debated subject – is it accurate enough? (No..)


Universal Design for Learning: Three Aces Up Our IT Sleeves
Universal Design is a newer topic that is receiving some push back.

Taking IT Way beyond Accessibility: 5 + 4 = 1 Approach
Steps that IT professionals can take to ensure accessibility.


Helping Students With Disabilities Understand Accommodations in College
Helping students make the transition from K-12 to Higher Ed is essential in Disability Services

Essential Accessibility:

Choosing Accessible Technology Products: A Guide for Higher Education
Accessible procurement is often overlooked, a practical guide is very important.

Inside Higher Ed

Helping Institutions Reach Accessibility Goals

Accessibility Search Tool Launched for Etextbooks
Providing accessible textbooks is a battle between profit and compliance.

Legal Battle Over Captioning Continues
More information regarding regulations and lawsuits.

Professor Says She Was Forced to Teach Under Fluorescent Lights
Institutions who receive federal funding are also bound by the ADA not to discriminate on the basis of disability in hiring practices and to provide reasonable accommodations for employees.  Having disabled employees makes disabled students to feel more comfortable.


#UDLchat: Teacher Preparation & Universal Design for Learning
Universal Design for Learning

Teaching accessibility in higher education computing courses
Going beyond providing accessibility to actually teaching it

The Spectrum – Student Publication at University of Buffalo

Fifteen years after accessibility lawsuit, UB still not compliant
Including disabled student’s voices is important!

The Student Life – newspaper of Claremont Colleges

OPINION: Disability support goes beyond accommodations

OPINION: It’s the cheating that’s the problem, not the accommodations

OPINION: Embracing grief, anger and hope on Disability Day of Mourning
Including disabled student’s voices is important!

5C group tackles disability issues and works to build allies
Positive news to counteract all the legalese.