Week Seven

Wikipedia Editor For Hire

Hello all!

So these past few weeks I have been training how to edit Wikipedia articles. The training part: not so fun; the editing: better than expected. Needless to say, I think it is worth everyone’s time to at least try something new today (like editing a wikipedia article).

From start to finish I have to admit I did not enjoy it at first. The beginning part was slow and confusing dealing with the basics and all of the bells and whistles. However, once I started trying to find articles that needed assistance, I jumped right in! There are hundreds of pages that I looked at from “AT Edits” to “Zuber, Florida”. Finally, I thought, “what am I interested in?” and I came upon the conclusion of a TV show I watch. This was, however, harder than it looked because everything about every episode was already on there.

I dove deeper into my own mind and came upon my fraternity. I looked at the fraternity’s main page and everything I knew was already there. I thought I was out of luck, but then I figured I might as well try a sub-page from Beta Theta Pi. I looked at the list of chapters and noticed a banner saying, “This article needs additional citations for verification.” So, I scrolled down the table and found Arizona State’s row, and there was info, but no reference. I did some digging and found a website that has every Beta Theta Pi official newsletters.

Before just editing every piece of that page that I found, I did go to the talk page. I sent my first message to fellow Wikipedians and not a single reply back. I was kind of hoping someone would have responded but no luck. I checked back nearly every day for a response and still nobody had said anything or had asked questions so I clicked my way back to ASU’s section and started my first edit.

This was just the beginning because I knew that if at least one wasn’t done, there had to have been more without sources. Without even thinking about it I had found myself getting at least 2-3 sources for other colleges. I knew that this is what I wanted to edit for this project. All in all, I had fun because I know that if someone else from Beta comes to the page, I want them feeling happy knowing someone was caring about them and their school.